Method Makes NSW’s 'Return & Earn' More Stylish

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What is Return & Earn?

160 million drink containers are littered every year in New South Wales. That’s almost 500,000 a day - and that’s just one state in Australia.

1 December 2017 sees the start of ‘Return & Earn,’ a container deposit scheme rolled out by the New South Wales Government which will see more than 500 collection points installed.

By depositing eligible 150ml - 3L beverage containers, you’ll be given 10 cents for each item you give back. Bottles and cans need to be in good condition, not crushed or broken, and should still retain their original label. What can you do with your refund? You can transfer it to your bank account, do good by donating it to a charity, or receive a credit voucher for Woolworths across New South Wales. To find out more about the details of the scheme, head here.

Why is this a necessity? Because 44% of New South Wales’ litter comes from small volume drink containers, which are causing great damage to the local environment. The NSW Government are hoping the program will help them remove 40% of litter volume by 2020.

And how about in 20 years time? By then, the scheme’s impact will look like over 12.6 billion more beverage containers being recycled, and 11 billion less in landfill.

The Method Makeover

method - Container Deposit Scheme mockup.jpg

We’re launching a Container Deposit Scheme waste stream to help with your collection. The white lid is in concurrence with NSW Government’s colour code, and comes in our signature slick Method style to create a visible, beautiful difference.

“With almost 30 years of experience in the waste industry I have seen many trends come and go. The new ‘Method Recycling Bins’ are sleek and modern. They are well sized to accommodate all office types but not cumbersome that they take over a room. The bag holder is very practical and easier on the eyes than the typical hang over that most bins have. I thoroughly recommend these bins for many reasons” - Robert Dimeo from Cleanaway

If you’re interested in purchasing one for your office or facility, here’s how you can get in touch.